Homes sales are slightly down for 2015.  During the month of January in Marathon County there were 61 homes sold and in February there were 64 compared to 67 and 74 in the same months during 2014.  Overall I think 2015 will be another stable year.  We are fortunate in the Wausau area to have a very stable economy.  This is partially due to the diversity of employers in our area.  I am often asked if the “market is coming back yet”.  The answer to that is, “we are back” If you compare our numbers of today to prior to the year 2000 we are basically the same.  The best way I can put it is from the year 2000 to 2006 the entire country was at Disney World enjoying Fantasy Land.  Now we are all home again going about our normal lives.  I do agree that certain parts of the country are experiencing some huge growths in Real Estate along with large price increases but if you look at those areas they are all highly populated areas.  Here in Wausau the Real estate being sold is for normal reasons like first time home buyers, a death in the family, downsizing or upsizing.  We are not seeing the amount of speculation we once did.  My advice to my clients it to enjoy your life, make the move if you need to.  Make the move if it will benefit your family, don’t wait for a price increase that most likely will not come.  As always, good luck and please consider calling Assist 2 Sell for your next move.